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7 things

So many things. So many things. So many things. I’m at this incredibly amazing, fabulous, beautiful point of transition. I mean, I still have no clue what I’m doing in life. I don’t. But things are moving and changing and falling into … Continue reading

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weekend meditation

Beautiful friends, fabulous party, holiday love. And the day after…

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she brings me flowers

The last couple weeks were tough. Exams piled on exams. My mom came to visit two weekends ago to take care of me and clean my house and remind me to sleep/eat/shower. She left a few more houseplants, a clean house, … Continue reading

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safely home

Yogi is home safe and sound. He has settled back into his home groove. I don’t mind it, even if he messes up my nicely folded laundry. I hope we’ve fulfilled our vet quota for a while. My heart (and … Continue reading

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the dessert

Here’s the fruit crisp my little sister made for our dad’s birthday. Just a little something she threw together… no recipe involved. But here’s a warning. Although it seems like a great idea, please refrain from putting candles into a … Continue reading

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lentil + mushroom pot pie – a birthday feast

Yesterday I came home for my dad’s birthday. My family doesn’t really know how to celebrate or throw parties, but we do know how to eat… so that’s what we did! The menu? Lentil and mushroom pot pie with green … Continue reading

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little things.

Sometimes, when it feels like you’ve reached your limit and you don’t have the strength to carry on, you have to embrace the little things that make life good. Like making dinner for friends when you know you should really … Continue reading

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