This is the pile of things I need to read when I have free time. Non-testable handouts that will be really important for life. The pile is growing. I’ll read them someday… probably.

Until then, I’ll focus on TQs and seemingly unimportant scraps of knowledge.

Welcome to the first year of medical school.

There are times, though, when I remember why I’m here.

I’m smart. Even though I don’t feel it 95% of the time, I’ve got a good brain, and it likes to soak up knowledge and solve problems.

I like people. A lot. And my poor little heart can’t help but to break for them and burn when there’s nothing I can do to soothe them.

I’m tactile. My hands are strong and my skin is tough, but really they want nothing more to hold and nurture and work.

I just know things sometimes. If I go with my gut instincts, I just don’t fail.

And I have my mom to thank for all of these major organs…

me – That’s the weird thing, Mom… I just knew exactly what had happened. And that’s why I need to be a doctor. My gut instincts are unmatched. The end.

mom –  You’re a seer. You’re weird like Dr. D… her skills always scared me. You just know things. And some day you’re going to save some damn lives.

me – I just have to pass Neuro first.

mom – You will, on both accounts, my darling.

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1 Response to guts

  1. Hold on to your integrity. You’re going to be a great physician! Blessings to you…

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