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dearest tulsa

dear tulsa, i love you. especially at night. preferably in the rain. love.    

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wordless wednesday

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14 days

  This Thanksgiving, I spent 36 hours with my family. That’s it. And now I have 14 days to figure out how to get through this semester successfully. 14 days. 4 finals. I’m not ready.

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give thanks

Today is for things that are good. Tomorrow is for everything else.

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homeward bound

This afternoon, I lost my keys. This triggered a series of small tragedies and possibly a mini meltdown, but we’re ok now. We’re headed home. Days like this make me glad I chose Osteopathic Medicine. OMM lab today was short, … Continue reading

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three things

1. I love these boots. They make my soul happy. 2. I get to go home tomorrow. My sister will be there. 3. Everything’s going to be just fine.

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too much

My little family isn’t cut out for apartment life. Our dogs play rough. They need a 18ft agility chute. They need grass. I mean… They are happy boys, but imagine the possibilities! And me? I need a garden. A little … Continue reading

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I’ve complained a lot about my hometown, but today I could not be more proud to come from a small little town in Oklahoma. And this is why. Oh yeah… and this. Keep it real, McAlester.

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check it

Today sucked. Straight up. I spent my day in an angry, frustrated fog. Why can’t people just be? I can’t I focus? Why is it raining? Oh my gosh, shut up. Why? So I came home. And I watched some … Continue reading

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sweeping down the plains.

Dear Oklahoma… You’re really pretty. I wish more people knew this about you. I think your beauty is under appreciated. I’m glad I came back to you. I really am. I know I had my doubts about you… You really … Continue reading

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