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how lovely

I have this recurrent dream in which we all wake up one morning and decide to be nice to each other because it just feels right. How lovely would that be?

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wordless wednesday

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This is the pile of things I need to read when I have free time. Non-testable handouts that will be really important for life. The pile is growing. I’ll read them someday… probably. Until then, I’ll focus on TQs and … Continue reading

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study buddy (sweet puppy video)

I have some good study buddies in my life… but I know there’s one who will always stick by my side. Through the tears and the confusion and the midnight pots of coffee, Neko has been a steadfast companion. But … Continue reading

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cut short

Scattered around my school are a handful of televisions like this one. Happy little screens broadcasting some closed circuit programing. Simple, unassuming… and sometimes annoying as hell. Here’s the deal… there’s a ticker at the bottom of the screen that … Continue reading

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This week was rough. But nights like this make things seem ok. Intense yoga class with the boy. Tacos for dinner. Couch puppy movie time. Love. I might just be the luckiest girl in the world.

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Sometimes things just come together. No planning. Pieces fall into place. Don’t be afraid. Don’t try to resist. Let the stars align and just flow with it.

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