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weekend meditation

sunday dinner. more fun than pharmacology notes.

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cooking fail, a teachable moment

Bad things happen in the kitchen. Bowls break. Salt spills. Fingertips burn. You clean up and move on. There’s no crying in cooking. Amen.

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lentil + mushroom pot pie – a birthday feast

Yesterday I came home for my dad’s birthday. My family doesn’t really know how to celebrate or throw parties, but we do know how to eat… so that’s what we did! The menu? Lentil and mushroom pot pie with green … Continue reading

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the summer list

Life beyond May 17 isn’t real yet. Sure, I’ve a countdown going since January. That doesn’t mean anything. Summer’s not real until it’s in my hands. At this point, I’m on fairly sturdy ground with my classes. I have the … Continue reading

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