little things.

Sometimes, when it feels like you’ve reached your limit and you don’t have the strength to carry on, you have to embrace the little things that make life good.

Like making dinner for friends when you know you should really be studying.

My senior year of college, I made dinner for a pack of friends almost every Friday night. They would show up, I would make magic with the odds and ends in my fridge. It was such a fun tradition. I miss family dinners so much.

32 hours to go. Running on fumes. Three finals left. Then I can pretend to be normal for a little while. Dinner with loved ones on the porch. Chasing fireflies. Playing with the dogs in the back yard. I can’t wait.

**recipes that I kind of followed – chicken pot pie + apple tart tatin

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2 Responses to little things.

  1. The chicken pot pie and apple tart tatin look delicious! What a precious photo of you and your pup. I’m glad you will have a breather from preparation for and taking of exams. Blessings to you…

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