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lentil + mushroom pot pie – a birthday feast

Yesterday I came home for my dad’s birthday. My family doesn’t really know how to celebrate or throw parties, but we do know how to eat… so that’s what we did! The menu? Lentil and mushroom pot pie with green … Continue reading

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spinach pancakes (or, I have a new camera and a desire to document every moment of my life)

I came home after a mostly-productive day of studying and remembered that I hadn’t eaten. That’s not like me. Food is a really important part of my life… And then I remembered that I saw these crazy green pancakes the other day and … Continue reading

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tofu, a love story

Here’s the thing. I’m a weird girl. I know it, you know it… we get on with our lives. Don’t believe I’m weird? Try some of these little factoids on for size… I’m in medical school. If you’re in medical … Continue reading

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