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so long

same things repeating, you’d think we’d be pros by now. still fairly clueless. “exams don’t prove much,” they say so we’ll keep going. pass the scantron, please. final semester. my stethoscope is waiting for some real action.

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poetic thursday musings

imagination left with creativity, curiosity. on a holiday with warmth and sand and beaches. come back to me, please. neuro might kill me if i can’t find a good way to destroy it first. i need my summer. i need … Continue reading

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Hello, dear sunshine. Deliriously tired, two-mile run felt nice. Spring’s coming closer. I can feel it on the breeze, closer and closer. Sometimes thoughts don’t come in the form you expected. Use them anyway.

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week one haiku

surviving week one. why am i still so tired? study, yoga, sleep.

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ice cold

Hot in the OK. Shut all the doors and windows, and blast the AC. I’m still dreaming of this storm from a week ago. It brought such relief. Show us some mercy, Oklahoma winds and rains. We just won’t make … Continue reading

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