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This spread of farmer’s market goods is remarkable for a number of reasons. Chiefly, I have a cold. During the hottest week of the summer. I know, right? Colds do funny things to my sense of self and my ability … Continue reading

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doing it right

Neko has figured out a great fix to the age old big-spoon-arm-position question.

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still the same

I was gone for so long. A whole week without my friend. I missed him a lot… but it I had an amazing time. Off to DC for a whirlwind couple of days. AmeriCorps National AIDS Fund End-of-Service. Good time. … Continue reading

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it’s time.

Holy crap, man. It’s my last day at work. And it’s the first day of July? School’s out for summa! Keep it together, man.

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robodog, activate.

I sure do love these boys. They may make life a little more complicated, and they may wreak havoc on my carpet, but I love them. And some days, you really just need some good puppy love. Having two energetic … Continue reading

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