7 things

So many things. So many things. So many things.

I’m at this incredibly amazing, fabulous, beautiful point of transition. I mean, I still have no clue what I’m doing in life. I don’t. But things are moving and changing and falling into place in the most glorious way. A really big exam happened. A ring happened. All the things happened.

And now I’m relaxing back into life things. Laundry and cooking and sleeping and reading.

I read two whole books yesterday. Walked to the library, checked out two books, came home and inhaled them. Medical school may have stopped my pleasure reading for two whole years, but reframe: I’m now a superhuman speed reader. It happens. Making up for lost time.

And I’m catching up on podcasts. All the podcasts. I have weeks and weeks of Savage Love and Joy the Baker and This American Life to catch up on. I realize now that this is a strange mix… but whatever. I’m just well-rounded.

And then there’s this thing. I want to blog about everything, but the last six months of my life have been so miserable and chaotic and insane that I am only now starting to sort things out. And I’m certain that no one needed to see that. No one needs to witness the second half of second year. It’s ugly and it’s hard and it involves a lot of crying about unimportant things. But now things are different. And third year rotations are starting soon. And omigoodness it will be amazing. I’m sure it will be hard and ugly and all of those things, but somehow it seems easy to put a positive spin on anything that doesn’t involve 16 hours of studying every single day.

I just listened to a JtB podcast where they gave their listeners a homework assignment. They wanted people to post pictures of their five favorite things. I’m about 100 years late, but it made me want to blog… which is a good thing. But I couldn’t limit myself to five things. Let’s try seven.

1. I survived Level 1 COMLEX. And then I drank champagne. Like a grown-up. And then I partied down with my girlfriends. And then I fell asleep way earlier than anyone else. It’s all good.

2. I’m totally obsessed with succulents now. I might need an intervention.

3. I’m actually the luckiest girl ever. How did I find this dude? How did I trick him into sticking around forever?

4. I’ve perfected my version of the moscow mule. Someday I’ll share my secrets.

5. This fortune. Oh man… I totes broke into song in a restaurant.

6. My sister is my favorite. Always. She’s grown up to be the most incredible person. I am so incredibly fortunate to have her in my life. She makes me proud every single day.

7. This happened. The boys dig it.

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