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decoy saucing (decoy sauvignon blanc)

celebratory, at blackbird, after work. hannah – very good – dry, very crisp, green apple-esque. little to no aftertaste. it’s very sharp when i swallow… and that’s all i have. haley – excellent – crisp, light, green apple. exactly what … Continue reading

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big kid ice pops (recipe)

Summer’s cruising by too fast. With boards in June and my first rotation in July, I’ve had to really focus on enjoying the occasional lazy afternoon and soaking up the summer sweetness. Enter, boozy popsicles. Possibly the best idea ever. … Continue reading

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my practice

Tonight, I am thankful for my yoga practice. This was a tough day. First day as OMS-3. First day of peds rotation. Exhausting. Amazing. And after a day filled with unsure footing and self-doubt, I was able to spend 90 … Continue reading

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cold-brew coffee, a summer obsession.

  We’ve had highs above 100 for the last few days, and these temperatures are here to stay. Summer is hitting Oklahoma hard… so it’s time to retreat to an air-conditioned ice cave, or muck up and find a way … Continue reading

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weekend meditation

Sometimes, after a very long and complicated adventure, you wind up at the lake with a 6-pack and a tackle box. No matter what else happens, the weekend should be considered a success. There will always be other weekends in … Continue reading

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I had a revelation in the produce section of Whole Foods the other day. I picked up a package of sprouts, and realized that I could no longer justify paying $3+ every few days for a sprout fix. I’m a … Continue reading

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7 things

So many things. So many things. So many things. I’m at this incredibly amazing, fabulous, beautiful point of transition. I mean, I still have no clue what I’m doing in life. I don’t. But things are moving and changing and falling into … Continue reading

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