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how do your scallions grow?

Did you know that scallions can be grown in a cup of water? Is your mind blown? When I saw this on Pinterest, I knew I had to try it out. I happen to be a pro at growing things … Continue reading

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dearest tulsa

dear tulsa, i love you. especially at night. preferably in the rain. love.    

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wordless wednesday

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September’s over and Blacktober’s well underway. I feel confident that I can now say – the second year of medical school is so much better than the first year in so many ways. The classes aren’t any easier, but they … Continue reading

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wordless wednesday

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weekend meditation

Home is the most precious notion. Carry it with you and be comfortable anywhere.

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one week ago

Was this really only a week ago? After the neuro test? After the license fiasco? Why do I feel like this meal happened years ago? In a far away land? Last Friday was simultaneously one of the best and worst … Continue reading

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