safely home

Yogi is home safe and sound. He has settled back into his home groove. I don’t mind it, even if he messes up my nicely folded laundry.

I hope we’ve fulfilled our vet quota for a while. My heart (and my checkbook) can’t handle any more late night trips to the clinic.

I am also home. I spent the day in Joplin. I’m exhausted… physically, emotionally… drained. I need a good hard sleep before I can even think about what I saw today. I’m sure there are words… I just can’t pull them together in my current mental state.

I ended my day on a good note with love, sushi and tap dancing.



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2 Responses to safely home

  1. I’m glad your puppy is well again. My Shady (cat) is giving me fits. I hope we don’t end up in the emergency clinic with him. He’s having urinating problems. He doesn’t do it! He did last night and hasn’t since, but he acts like all is well. I’m waiting on pins and needles to see if he can pee tonight. Why do these things have to happen on holiday weekends?

    You were in Joplin? Wow. So sad. Blessings to you…

  2. jennduroy says:

    I am glad that he is okay too! I was worried.

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