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she brings me flowers

The last couple weeks were tough. Exams piled on exams. My mom came to visit two weekends ago to take care of me and clean my house and remind me to sleep/eat/shower. She left a few more houseplants, a clean house, … Continue reading

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most important meal of the day

It took me a long time to figure breakfast out. Now it’s in my list of things I must do before an exam — shower, meditate, sing loud songs, eat breakfast. Today is our third pharm exam. Blood, cholesterol, arthritis. … Continue reading

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wordless wednesday

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birthday month

Today was someone’s birthday. But this lucky girl happened to be born during this month we affectionately call Blacktober… which means that between the 5 exams, 2 quizzes, 1 practical and generalized craziness this week, there is little time for … Continue reading

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dearest tulsa

dear tulsa, i love you. especially at night. preferably in the rain. love.    

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wordless wednesday

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September’s over and Blacktober’s well underway. I feel confident that I can now say – the second year of medical school is so much better than the first year in so many ways. The classes aren’t any easier, but they … Continue reading

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