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This is the pile of things I need to read when I have free time. Non-testable handouts that will be really important for life. The pile is growing. I’ll read them someday… probably. Until then, I’ll focus on TQs and … Continue reading

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magic ____ doctor

Sometimes I get bored when I’m studying. Sometimes when I get bored, I get distracted. Sometimes when I get distracted, I notice gems like this one in the library. Apparently, Lloyd Morey was an incredible osteopathic physician who realized he … Continue reading

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96 days till summer

I need an adventure. Except for a couple small escapes, I haven’t left Oklahoma in almost two years. Really. Travel wise frequent flyer girl has been right here. Don’t get me wrong. I love this place. Oklahoma is one of … Continue reading

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love enviably

here’s the thing… i love the man who wrote this. Secret’s out. And even though we’re not normal by any account, we get by. He sings Carly Simon in the shower… but you didn’t hear it from me. He takes … Continue reading

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better than the bahamas

We had big plans of heading to the beaches this summer. You see, Jacob and I have never been on a vacation together. I mean, he came to visit Baltimore, and we’ve been to Bonnaroo a few times, and we’ve … Continue reading

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Orientation – Day 1

It has begun. Like for real this time. Medical. School. Today was the first day of orientation. They bussed 90 kids out into the great blue yonder and encouraged them to have fun. The heat index was only 114. I … Continue reading

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winding away

I just cleaned out my desk. It’s really happening, guys. My last day at the American Red Cross is tomorrow. A week from now, I head back east for our end of service festivities. I can’t believe it. AmeriCorps has … Continue reading

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I’m doing this for me. I have been consumed with this idea that I did something wrong. That I am at fault in some way. Sure… I did some things I regret. I said some things I would like to … Continue reading

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looking forward

Dearest Future Me, How are you? You look real pretty today. I like what you’re doing with your hair these days. You’re so cool. I’m sure that by now, you’ve cured cancer and are living on a yacht somewhere. Have … Continue reading

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