for the better

I think I’ve mentioned this before… but there’s this boy in my life that I like a whole lot.

I mean… the moon and stars rise in his eyes and the sun sets in his heart… you know.

And he likes me too. Which is good, because I tend to be a hard one to like.

And on Monday, he starts a new job… which is awesome.

Here’s the thing… this job is 45 minutes away. On a tank farm. I don’t even know what a tank farm is, but apparently they need welders there and they are willing to pay well.

This is a good thing. This job will enable us to live a little more comfortably, and maybe even squirrel away some money for nice things, like a home of our own.

This is a good thing. This is a good thing.

But I’m freaking out a little on the inside.

The man I love is taking on a position that will force him to live in another town during the week. Suddenly, our happy little family only gets to exist on the weekends. But I was getting so comfy with the way our little life worked…

I’m a strong girl. We’re a strong partnership. We survived four years of me living in Baltimore. 1500 miles. My junior year of college, I saw my man for less than 14 days. In a whole year. He’ll only be living 45 minutes away. He can come home on the weekend. He can come home any time I need him. We can do this.

If I were a normal girl, I would be hanging out with him this weekend. Basking in some love and pretty weather before he has to go back to work.

But we all know that I’m not normal. At all. I can’t even pretend to be normal anymore.

I’m in medical school. I’m spending my weekend studying for our 3rd neuro exam.

**side note… If you haven’t studied for a neuro exam before, let me give you a little insight. Have you ever thrown uncooked rice at a wall? Has any of the rice stayed on the wall? Imagine that the rice is neuro, and my brain is the wall. Nothing’s sticking. At all. So I attempt to throw bigger handfuls of rice… **

This will be fine. I will be fine. I just have to try to find my big girl panties.

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3 Responses to for the better

  1. I’ll boil your rice for you. Boiled rice is uber sticky.

  2. cindy says:

    hear ya chica. Pat finally got a job. He is at UMB doing RNA stuff in a brain tissue clinic and making a real income, finally, after looking for so long…oh and the netxt week he got offered a phd position in Indiana. He accepted. it is great, fully funded 4 years NSF grant support, 1 year of school support, research in mexico 9+ weeks at a time with lizards. behavior stuff. good advisor etc. Awesome opportunity, pretty much a great offer for what we knew he would do eventually, but it is in IN. He starts in August. I am staying here n B-more at least for this year. Don’t know how the living/finances of it all will work, but we will make do. and so will you guys.
    does repeating “its is a good thing” work? cause i know it is, but it still we finally got things worked out to be in a pretty good place. Yay, change.
    can we have vodka and make cookies and watch bad tv on the couch? miss ya.
    hold strong on the neuro, man. it may be a rough road, but there is an end and you will get there. I have no doubts.

    • doforyou says:

      Oh my gosh! So much happening for you guys! How cool for Pat. It will be a big change for you guys, but that is such a great opportunity. And yes, Cin… repeating mantras eventually convinces me that things are going to be A-ok!

      And… look at it this way – Most parts of IN are within 12 hours of Tulsa… and you and I both know that I have no problem driving long distances to see you. I’m thinking spring break in IN sometime?? 🙂

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