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one day in joplin

I spent my Saturday volunteering in tornado-ravaged Joplin with a group of 14 OSU-COM students. What an incredibly emotional experience. Driving into the city, I had to hold back tears. It was cold and damp and broken. Crushed cars, snapped … Continue reading

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safely home

Yogi is home safe and sound. He has settled back into his home groove. I don’t mind it, even if he messes up my nicely folded laundry. I hope we’ve fulfilled our vet quota for a while. My heart (and … Continue reading

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a tale of two frog legs

We don’t have children. We have dogs. And we love our dogs with our whole hearts. It’s a little ridiculous, but it’s how we get by. I never thought I would be one of these people who think of their … Continue reading

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wordless wednesday

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about those storms

Springtime in Oklahoma means one thing – wicked weather. Now, you’d think that after almost twenty years in Oklahoma we would be used to this weather. Truth is, tornado warnings just aren’t something you can get used to. They are … Continue reading

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the dessert

Here’s the fruit crisp my little sister made for our dad’s birthday. Just a little something she threw together… no recipe involved. But here’s a warning. Although it seems like a great idea, please refrain from putting candles into a … Continue reading

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lentil + mushroom pot pie – a birthday feast

Yesterday I came home for my dad’s birthday. My family doesn’t really know how to celebrate or throw parties, but we do know how to eat… so that’s what we did! The menu? Lentil and mushroom pot pie with green … Continue reading

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weekend meditation

Home is the most precious notion. Carry it with you and be comfortable anywhere.

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the best fish you ever made (recipe)

I am an avid fisher… for compliments, that is. The man I love, however, tends to be less than forthcoming with them when it comes to food. If Jacob says that something is “not bad,” I know it’s a winner. … Continue reading

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one week ago

Was this really only a week ago? After the neuro test? After the license fiasco? Why do I feel like this meal happened years ago? In a far away land? Last Friday was simultaneously one of the best and worst … Continue reading

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