cold-brew coffee, a summer obsession.



We’ve had highs above 100 for the last few days, and these temperatures are here to stay. Summer is hitting Oklahoma hard… so it’s time to retreat to an air-conditioned ice cave, or muck up and find a way to embrace the heat.

Enter, iced coffee.

I’m a cold-brew convert. No need to boil water or add any unnecessary heat to my kitchen. No bitterness. No watered down iced coffee. Done. Magic.

There are tons of cold-brew tutorials out there. America’s Test Kitchen has a lovely step-by-step explanation of all things cold-brew, if you need to get your nerd on. I’ve been using my trusty bodum to make a batch every few days. For a large-scale cold-brew operation and some add-in ideas, check out PW’s perfect iced coffee. I take mine with a splash of almond milk and plenty of ice… perfection.

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2 Responses to cold-brew coffee, a summer obsession.

  1. Michael says:

    Great shot. I’ll have to try to cold brew myself — I’ve always wanted to!

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