about those storms

Springtime in Oklahoma means one thing – wicked weather.

Now, you’d think that after almost twenty years in Oklahoma we would be used to this weather. Truth is, tornado warnings just aren’t something you can get used to. They are scary. Unpredictable. Unnerving.

We had our bags packed and waiting by the basement door, but thankfully we made it through without any tornadoes in our area. Others weren’t so lucky.

Weather in Oklahoma is a constant reminder of the preciousness of life, and the fact that everything you know can be wiped away without warning.

Once the wall clouds passed, we were left with some beautiful lightning over the lake.

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One Response to about those storms

  1. We had tornado warnings last night. It was worrisome, but they passed by without touching down. I’m glad the storms passed you by, too. Blessings…

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