wine review – renè junot dry red table wine


J – good- very nice, mild, fruity, the wine cork particles give it a fascinating texture.
H – ok – fruity, slightly sweet, a little flat. destined for a lovely pitcher of sangria.

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weekend meditation


sunday dinner. more fun than pharmacology notes.

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mild nail obsession

hello, my name is haley… and i have a nail polish problem.


It all started with the nail-biting. Doctors can’t chew on their hands. It’s gross. I turned to nail polish to help me kick the habit.


And that it worked! I haven’t bitten my nails in months! But now I have these bad boys… and things haven’t been the same.





**To clear up any confusion, I solemnly swear that I only paint my nails while listening to lectures from home or watching the television. No useful study time is wasted in this endeavor (so there, mom).

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so long


same things repeating,
you’d think we’d be pros by now.
still fairly clueless.

“exams don’t prove much,”
they say so we’ll keep going.
pass the scantron, please.

final semester.
my stethoscope is waiting
for some real action.

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how do your scallions grow?

Did you know that scallions can be grown in a cup of water? Is your mind blown? When I saw this on Pinterest, I knew I had to try it out. I happen to be a pro at growing things in cups of water. Avocados, philodendrons, sweet potatoes. This is genius.

And while we’re looking at this lovely picture, can we take a moment to talk about rentals? And what I would give to be able to make this place my own? And how badly this windowsill could use a fresh coat of paint?

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After a few hours bubbling in the stove, a big mess and clean-up, and a wrestling match with my juicer… the marmalade went into these adorable little jars.

Let’s be real… I don’t know anything about marmalade. I don’t even think I’d eaten marmalade before tonight. But I wanted to put my refrigerator of citrus to good use, dammit!

I abandoned my recipe before I even started. I added blood oranges at the end because they looked pretty. I couldn’t pass the wrinkle test, but I jarred everything so I could go to bed.

Whatevs. The bits I scraped off the pan afterwards were delicious. We’ll hope everything gels so I don’t have to drink liquidy marmalade with a straw.


And now… I have to attend to this cuddle bug and gather myself before school.


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clementine marmalade


This time last year we were hunkering down for two weeks of snow. I was just entering neuroanatomy hell. I had no idea what was coming… but I had carrots, so that was cool.

What an incredible difference a year makes.

I’ve survived another semester. I’m enjoying one of the mildest winters we’ve seen in years. I’m studying things that I love. I have clementine marmalade bubbling away on the stove.

Marmalade has never been something to make my skirt fly up, but as soon as I saw this… well, I had to give it a go.

This may not work. I’m not really following a recipe, but I did plenty of tastespotting study. Whatever. My house smells like citrus magic. It’s not bad. And if things go well, I’m absolutely eating marmalade toast for the rest of the winter.

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