I had a revelation in the produce section of Whole Foods the other day. I picked up a package of sprouts, and realized that I could no longer justify paying $3+ every few days for a sprout fix. I’m a green-thumbed-do-it-yourself kind of girl! And I grew sprouts in college! What was I doing with my life??

So I ordered this bad boy and some of these lovely seeds, and got my sprouting on.

I’ve sprouted several batches of alfalfa, mung beans, and others. It’s so incredibly easy… better than the mason-jar-cheese-cloth situation I used before. And I’ve totally paid for my investment while enjoying some delicious salads and sandwiches.

I had to get the word out. This is a solid situation.

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2 Responses to sprouts

  1. sybaritica says:

    My wife and I keep say we are going to start sprouting… time to do it! Thanx for the links

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