After a few hours bubbling in the stove, a big mess and clean-up, and a wrestling match with my juicer… the marmalade went into these adorable little jars.

Let’s be real… I don’t know anything about marmalade. I don’t even think I’d eaten marmalade before tonight. But I wanted to put my refrigerator of citrus to good use, dammit!

I abandoned my recipe before I even started. I added blood oranges at the end because they looked pretty. I couldn’t pass the wrinkle test, but I jarred everything so I could go to bed.

Whatevs. The bits I scraped off the pan afterwards were delicious. We’ll hope everything gels so I don’t have to drink liquidy marmalade with a straw.


And now… I have to attend to this cuddle bug and gather myself before school.


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2 Responses to consume

  1. Cynthia Maddox says:

    I made cranberry orange marmalade for christmas this year. it turned out pretty good. yours looks tasty too 🙂

    • doforyou says:

      yum, dude. i have a bag of oranges and a bag of cranberries just begging for something to happen. i know what i’m doing this weekend!!

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