five things

1. I think that my love for tofu has something to do with my ability to cut it into perfect little squares. This type of order is pleasing. If I can control nothing else, I can control the shape of my tofu.
2. Today, I saw someone whom I deeply respect shed tears about saying final goodbyes to a patient. This shook me down to my very core. It made me doubt my life choices and my career path and my hairdo and my nail polish and my wants and needs and desires. It made me understand that this is real.
3. I’ve never been in a situation that couldn’t be made better by good music. The louder the better.
4. Although it may not look like it to an outsider, I am the luckiest girl in the world for having such an incredible partner. He works hard and he loves me and we’ve shared more experiences in the last ten years than most people can handle in a lifetime. Sometimes I forget that this thing we have is unique. Days like this make me understand just how good we have it.
5. Things will be fine as long as I remember that I only have to be the best version of myself.


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