What do you eat when you’re alone?

Some people eat cereal. Some people fancy it up and have glorious meals with lovely cocktails. Some people eat things that come from those weird neon drive thru establishments.

I love to cook… but when I’m alone (which is now more often than not) and I’m tired and I’m hungry, dirtying the kitchen for some lousy meal seems a little ridiculous.

So it’s a bit of veg and a bit of tofu… but really, it’s just a vehicle for this wonderful red sauce of fire. Sriracha and I have a love affair. And I’m sure there’s something horrible in this red bottle of glory, because Whole Foods doesn’t carry it… but I don’t care. This fiery magic ensures that something makes it into my belly each day. My mom is thankful.

p.s. The love runs deep. Look at this




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