study break – diy mod podge silhouette canvas

On a study break the other night I ran across this on Pinterest. Then I was struck by a wave of creativity and an overwhelming urge to make my own. So I did.

I am just in love with this picture me and Neko. I think it captures our relationship well. I printed it out and then used my mad exacto skills to pare it down.

Luckily, I had all the supplies I needed on hand. Kind of. Canvas regularly goes on sale at Michaels, so I always stock up when they are 40% off. I always have Mod Podge – I prefer matte finish. Strangely, I couldn’t find any black acrylic in my house. Being the super resourceful girl I am, I found an old crusty bottle of black nail polish (actually… the bottle I bought before my LECOM interview a couple years ago) and went with it.

And then I got my decoupage groove on…

I decided to wrap the paper around the side of the canvas because that’s the way I roll. I looked down and see something about 1987, which is the most awesome year ever because it’s the year I came into the world. To my study-tired mind, this was a good sign.

I didn’t really have a color scheme or anything in mind when I started this. I’m happy with the way it turned out. After I finished, I mourned the loss of my lovely manicure and then set the canvas out to dry.

I may or may not have used a beer to prop up my drying project. Don’t judge. It wasn’t a school night. I promise.

After making a fabulous dinner for the men in my house, I got back to work. I laid my carefully cut printout on my carefully dried canvas and traced it with a hot pink sharpie. Black sharpie might have been a smarter option, but whatevski.

So, I used nail polish. I’m sure acrylic paint would have been more appropriate… but I didn’t have any and I didn’t want to go to the store. So… black nail polish it was. It was old and crusty nail polish, so I thinned it down with a touch of acetone.

**notice that PW cookbook in the back? mashed potatoes, mushrooms, creamed spinach, steak… dinner was delicious, dude.

And then it was done. I like it. Do you see that purple area between our faces? It was a little darker in person, so our faces kind of melded into each other. I pretended not to notice my unfortunate paper placement, but then Jacob pointed it out. I had to fix it. White nail polish to the rescue.

et voila.

I think it turned out pretty cool for a last-minute-fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants art project. Please note that I ended up in medical school, not art school, for a reason.

This took me less than an hour of active time, plus the hour of drying while I made dinner. Maybe a little longer than I should have taken off from studying, but totally worth it.

A more traditional cameo would be lovely in this style. Or what about something like this?? Or this? I will definitely repeat this experiment.

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