on neuro, boats and the river of doubt

This is the final push. In less than 24 hours, this neuro battle will be over.

For better or worse…

And I just don’t care. I mean… I’m past the point of caring. I’ve put so much into this one stupid class. My body’s falling apart. My mind is so full of information that there’s no room for quiet reflection. I’ve let other classes fall to the wayside. It’s just me and neuro…

So, I lit a candle and lit some incense and assembled my little neuro shrine. I ask the neuro gods to be gentle, to smile on us in this time of straight up crisis.

5 hours of testing. 140 questions. 34% of our grade. 42 lectures. 12 labs. comprehensive.

Who the hell decided that this was a good idea?

I will give it my all tomorrow, and be comfortable with the knowing that if I go down with the ship, I am in good company.

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1 Response to on neuro, boats and the river of doubt

  1. I’m keeping you in my prayers. Blessings…

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