the summer list


Life beyond May 17 isn’t real yet.

Sure, I’ve a countdown going since January. That doesn’t mean anything. Summer’s not real until it’s in my hands.

At this point, I’m on fairly sturdy ground with my classes. I have the opportunity to pass every one without too much sweat. But every path has a loose pebble or two, and I’m a just a slip and a slide away from spending my summer in “basic” neuro hell.

Making real plans for my summer before finals? That’s just counting more unhatched chickens than I can handle.

I’ve been burned before. I’ve learned not to get all worked up over things before the cement’s dried. This is why I don’t own a certain board review book. I don’t want to be preemptive.

Nothing’s sure. Nothing’s solid.

And I don’t like to make plans, anyway.

So instead, I’m making a summer list. Lovely things I want to do in no particular order at some nonspecific time this summer.

1. Craft. A lot. Finish projects that have been languishing in my craft box on Evernote for the past nine months.

2. Reconnect. I’ve missed out on a lot of things lately. There are some phone calls I need to make and postcards I need to send and roadtrips I need to make.

3. Relax. An obscene amount. Backyard with the dogs, some music, a book and a beer. Maybe even a hammock. Things might get crazy.

4. Cook. Continuously and with passion. I want to can things. I want to spend time at the farmer’s market. I want to try all those recipes I’ve been bookmarking.

5. Teach. Things that are really important. Teach myself how to organize. Teach friends how to cook. Teach dogs how to sit. Things I might not have time for later.

6. Enjoy. Fresh air, tanned skin, freedom. Yoga, dinner parties, fireflies. All things that are good.

two weeks.

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