better than

How do you sum yourself up in one word?

I can’t do it. When I try, I become a walking contradiction. I’m a free-spirited perfectionist.

Now, how is that possible?

I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-skirt kind of girl. Always have been. I’m bad with plans. When there is an itinerary, I do my best to stick to it… but schedule changes have never been a problem for me.

Oh, the roses smelled especially lovely? It’s cool, we can move dinner back and hour.

Yoga ran a little late today? No problem! My books will still be waiting for me.

I forgot to write the paper that’s due tomorrow? Relax, and put on a pot of coffee!

That’s the way we get by.

But I’m clearly not all Type B. I mean… I’m in medical school. Apathy won’t get you very far. In the heat of battle, the Type A me that I keep locked in a closet escapes and tries to screw things up. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I work myself up into a stupor, fail at life and end up crying in a dark room somewhere.

And so, with 15 days of hell ahead of me, it’s time to remind myself that done is better than perfect. As long as I keep breathing and finish this semester, I’m counting it as a win. Let the grades fall where they may – they don’t really matter to me right now. I want to be an MS2.

done is better than perfect
done is better than perfect
done is better than perfect

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One Response to better than

  1. You’ll make it. I feel your pain but, of course, not like you feel it. Blessings…

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