new addition


The sun is shining, the grass is growing, the birds are chirping and I’ve only got 45 days to get my act together and finish my first year of medical school.

This is the newest addition to my study cave. A clipping from my incredibly old philodendron, Robert (get it… Robert… Plant? See what I did there?). A clipping from a plant given to me by a dear friend. Green. Happy.

I have no room to complain. In just a few hours, Jacob and I are taking a mini roadtrip to Kansas City to see Bright Eyes. My favorite band since I was but a wee angsty girl playing computer games and writing poems in the den at my parents’ house.

This trip almost didn’t happen thanks to some med school exam schedule shuffling, but I talked some sense into myself and decided to stick it to the man one last time.

I’m so excited… but I’ll do my best to keep it all in for the next few hours. It’s time to pretend that I’m a responsible medical student…

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2 Responses to new addition

  1. Dude! Perfect addition. Plants make everything better!

  2. I used to have one of those plants. They are beautiful. Nice addition. Blessings to you as you enjoy a little time off from your studies.

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