Medical school is all about making choices. Some choices are easy, others are more difficult. Often, I’m forced into a lesser of two evils game.

yoga or study?

cup-o-noodles or weird frozen palak paneer?

tea or coffee?

study or lunch with J?

stay awake or fall asleep?

study or counsel a friend?

panic or freak out?

Medical school can be difficult for an indecisive girl.

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3 Responses to choices

  1. I feel your indecisive pain, sweet girl. You make great choices. Especially when it comes to grapes and friends 😀

  2. jennduroy says:

    pretty much sums up our lives right now

  3. Kalyn Cavalier says:

    Bangs are a great way to shirk responsibility! I’m glad to know that great minds do indeed think alike- even if yours is a little more on the greatness side. I’ll just pretend.. 😉

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