too many days of adrenaline

When I’m lost in studyland, I like to write notes to myself. Often, writing an idea down is the only way I can keep it from swimming through my mind inappropriately.

Usually I scribble grocery lists or to do lists. If I’m listening to Pandora and want to remember an artist I’ll write it down. Then I don’t think about it again… until I emerge from my study cave.

But then there are notes like this one.

I guess it started innocently enough. Sean Hayes – remember to get that album off your iPod and onto your computer. Dark was the Night – remember to download that album. Radical Face Ghost – tell Dad to listen to this one. KR & Prac – remember to look over the clicker questions and practice tests for physiology. Easy… makes sense.

And then there’s the one in the middle.

too many days of adrenaline

I literally have no idea why I wrote this down yesterday. Did I come up with a title for a memoir of medical school? Was I trying to figure out why I feel so strung out all the time? Was this something I need to tell someone.

Weird things happen in my mind while I’m studying,  and now I have photographic evidence…

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2 Responses to too many days of adrenaline

  1. I’ve read old notes of mine finding no clue to what I was thinking. I blamed my age. I can’t blame studying. You have brain overload. The spillover ends up on your notepad. Perhaps. Blessings…

    • doforyou says:

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one!! I think it’s just something I need to do to keep my mind free of clutter. 90% of the time, I never actually need the things I never need any of the notes… It’s just part of the process!

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