firetruck fiesta, and a big, deep breath.

Today’s study break was a birthday party. For a three-year-old. At a firehouse.

Amazing, right? Absolutely the coolest idea for a kid’s birthday party. There were trucks, a boat, some hoses and, of course, firemen. I’m so lucky to have amazing friends with adorable kids and bunches of creativity.

And for the record, I have absolutely no plans to have kids any time soon. But I am mildly/moderately baby crazed. I am so thankful that I can get my baby fix in as often as needed.

And I’m thankful for their creative ideas that someday I can quietly steal them… far enough down the road that I can pull things off without looking like a total thief.

Also, I’m glad that I know people with kids because it justifies spending long periods of time looking at toys/books. And look at knitting patterns for baby booties (I’m looking at you, K).


After this little break, I reluctantly tried to get back to studying. And then I made dinner. And then I had a mild panic attack about life, liberty and the pursuit of MS-1. It happens.

So I pulled down the calendar, highlighted my test dates and remembered to breathe.

By my calculations, I have five exams (plus three lab exams, but who’s counting) and 18 days between me and spring break.

And then only 62 days (or so), six exams and some finals before summer.

This is absolutely, totally doable.

Just have to get through one day at a time…

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3 Responses to firetruck fiesta, and a big, deep breath.

  1. natnekou says:

    When you put it that way, this semester is going to be a breeze! hahaha oh how I wish.

  2. jennduroy says:

    no problem! we can do this, maybe with some sleep that is.

  3. One day at a time is the right track. Doable. Chunks. Blessings to you…

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