Today was Admitted Student Day at my school.

Just one year ago, that was me. Has it really only been a year? Unbelievable. I feel like I’ve been here for such a long time…

I brought my parents. I wore white jeans. I was scared out of my ever-living mind. Seriously.

And why? Why was I so freaked out? Really?

I was worried that no one would like me. I was worried that everyone would be smarter than me. I was worried that my clothes/hair/face looked stupid.

Really. Those were my concerns. Just a year ago?

At that time, I felt successful. I was the first college graduate in my family. I was giving a year of service with AmeriCorps. I was incredibly smitten with this new little guy. I was going to medical school. I was living the dream, man.

And today? Well, I guess I’m still living the dream, but it’s a little different now. I have learned more in the last few months than I ever dreamed possible. I struggle every single day with my fear of failure. Sometimes I forget how to feed myself. And drive. But I’m in medical school. And this is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do in the whole entire world. So, I put on my big girl panties and figure things out.

Oh… and now I own a stethoscope. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

And I have friends. And they are just as weird as I am.

And I have an exam on Monday. I should probably get back to studying.

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