dinner, tonight.

So tonight, we did a little something different for dinner. It all started last week when I saw a little something on twitter about a tequila dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, El Guapo’s. Just so happens that on this particular day, I was elbow deep in panic about Jacob and his upcoming Valentine’s birthday… and we love food, we love tequila, amen. I signed up.

And here’s how it all went down…

Appetizer – Dueling Posoles
One red and one green chicken and corn posole served with a Milagro Silver blood orange margatini

Yeah… I finished my drink before I realized I should photograph it. But the rest of this? Delicious. I liked the green, Jacob liked the red. Spicy. Goodness.

Salad – Cabo Wabo Salad
A spinach salad with sweet corn and jicama slaw tossed with a tequilla chipotle vinagrette served with a Cazadores “Summer Punch” cocktail

A chicken and cheese relleno with salsa roja, plus a flank steak and baby portobello mushroom taquito in a lime crema accompanied by a Milagro Reposado “Lucky Day” margarita on the rocks
Banana and mango Fosters with a tequilla cream sauce and cinnamon sugar plantain chips served with a Herradura shot undressed

All in all, a fabulous dinner with much tequila education thrown in for good measure. Good company, great service. I was really, really impressed. Sign us up for the next one…

Best study break / birthday night decision I’ve made in a while.

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