tofu, a love story

Here’s the thing. I’m a weird girl. I know it, you know it… we get on with our lives.

Don’t believe I’m weird? Try some of these little factoids on for size…

I’m in medical school. If you’re in medical school, know someone in medical school or have ever even briefly considered googling medical school, you know that we’re a bunch of freaks. We spend irreplaceable years and money we don’t really have on an education so that we can help people. We spend countless hours squirreling away information that will probably never apply to anything that happens in real life just so we can look cool if and when we get pimped. We often can’t perform the basic tasks needed to live… like feed/clothe/bathe ourselves. And we like pain. And anguish. It’s cool.

Furthermore, I’m going to an osteopathic medical school… which makes me way weirder than your average medical student. We osteopaths are a very different breed, and I love it. What, you want to go to school and learn how to touch people? And you don’t like handing out unnecessary prescriptions? Yeah. And it’s incredible.

I live with two pit bulls. In a two bedroom apartment. With a boy. I know. Who does that?

I went to a weird liberal arts school. Wait… so were there hippies in the woods smoking pot? Did you guys even have to go to class? Well, I can neither confirm or deny the hippie/pot thing, but I didn’t wear shoes for a whole semester. Really.

I spent two years pulling testes out of fruit flies in the name of science. True story.

I’d rather spend money on a great concert or an incredible meal than a pair of shoes.

Oh yeah… and I really like tofu.

Weirdness proven? Let me know if I need to produce more evidence.

But on the tofu subject… I really like it a lot. But wait, tofu doesn’t even taste like meat, silly girl! Yeah, you’re right. Tofu actually doesn’t taste like anything. And I don’t even like the taste of meat, so it’s cool. I can appreciate the bland white nothingness of tofu.

As long as you don’t try to make tofu into some quasi-meat product. It’s tofu, not prime rib. You’re not fooling anyone. Love the tofu. Embrace the tofu.

I was alone for dinner tonight. What do you eat when you’re only cooking for yourself? It’s difficult to cook for one! I usually try to muster something related to beans, or peanut butter, or broccoli. Maybe all three if I’m feeling crazy. Sometimes it’s just toast for dinner. I know… lame.

So, in my lone-dinner craziness, I attempted to make a version of the BBQ tofu from Whole Foods because, who am I kidding, it’s damn delicious. And I succeeded. And I ate my glorious creation with leftover mashed potatoes and broccoli and portabello mushrooms from dinner last night.

Dinner for one? More successful than usual.


Baked BBQ Tofu

  • 1 block extra firm tofu
  • 1/4 c (or so) of BBQ sauce (spicy’s good)

No… really, that’s it.

Cut the tofu into cubes, rectangles or any shape that makes you happy. Stars?

If you’re feeling fancy, marinate the tofu in the BBQ sauce for a few hours (up to overnight).

Cook on an oiled cookie sheet – I spritzed mine with some safflower oil. If you forgo this step, you run the risk of having some seriously sticky BBQ-tofu mess on your cookie sheet. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

40-50 minutes in a 400 degree oven, flipping halfway through.

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1 Response to tofu, a love story

  1. The tofu looks delicious. I, too, like tofu. I have cooked it at home, but I mostly I order it in Asian restaurants. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Tofu is best when it can borrow flavor from elsewhere. 🙂

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