spring, come soon.

Last week, a rodent somewhere in Pennsylvania promised that spring was on its way.

I’m waiting. Patiently. Coldly. With great anticipation.

I need you to save me, spring.

Did you know that a groundhog and a woodchuck are the same creature? True fact. Why do we place bets on a woodchuck’s weather predictions? I thought they just chucked wood.

I can’t get in gear.

I need to get in gear, though. I need to focus and listen and engage and learn. That’s why I’m here.

But it’s hard.

When you wake up in the morning and it’s eleven below, what can you do? No, really.

If you’re in medical school, you grumble about it. Then you wake your boyfriend up to tell him how unhappy you are about the temperature and that you’re giving up on life and that you’re sick anyway, so you shouldn’t go to school.

And then you pull yourself together, throw on all the clothes you can find and walk to school.

I need you more than you could possibly know, spring.

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2 Responses to spring, come soon.

  1. Minus 11! In Tulsa! That’s not right. No. Spring, please come to Tulsa. I would appreciate spring where I am also. Bring it on. Blessings…

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