up and over it

Yesterday was beautiful. 76 in January. Unbelievable.

But yesterday was  a little frustrating. Ok… it was really frustrating. Really, really…

Yesterday, I was reminded that I’m a girl. It’s true. I have two X chromosomes. For reals.

But just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take me seriously.

When I walk into your car dealership knowing exactly what I want and ready to throw down $25,000… PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!

Don’t shake my boyfriend’s hand and just smile at me.

Don’t ignore me when I tell you that I have done months of research and know exactly which features I want.

Don’t blow me off when I say that I would like to order my car… today. Like, right now. Like, give me some paperwork.

98% of the time, I feel like a completely capable and competent human. I graduated from high school. I transcended boundaries at some fancy-schmancy hippified East Coast school. I spent a year serving my community and educating your kids. I am in medical school. Real, real soon I’ll be a living breathing doctor. And you know what? I did all of that without oodles of testosterone. True fact.

So, don’t assume that just because I have a male sidekick I don’t know what I’m doing. Please. Thank you.

Also, if you could point me in the direction of a Honda dealer who would like to take my money in exchange for some wheels, let me know.

**rant over. now i’ll move on with my life.

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2 Responses to up and over it

  1. I’ll join in on that rant.

  2. jennduroy says:

    I like this a whole whole lot!

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