who needs sleep

Medical school is exhausting.

No, but really. I’m tired. All the time.

I know it’s only going to get worse, but this whole thing is difficult to get used to.

And it’s not physical exhaustion… it’s mental exhaustion.

I can deal with physical exhaustion. You just go to sleep. Easy enough.

Mental (or emotional) exhaustion is a much trickier affliction. Sometimes sleep doesn’t help. Sometimes you try to get your eight hours, but your mind won’t turn off. Sometimes you dream about neurons or action potentials. Sometimes you wake up feeling more exhausted than before you closed your eyes.

Eventually, it catches up with you. Eventually, all you can do is make it through the door and onto the couch. Eventually, you mumble something to your significant other about closing your eyes for thirty minutes and wake up three hours later.

And if you’re really sleeping well, you might even sleep through something like this. You might not even notice that you’re sweet baby pit bull has decided that you might be cold and taken it upon himself to be your endothermic blanket. You might sleep with him on top of you for quite some time, and only know when your significant other shows you photographic evidence.

Man… that was some good sleep.

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4 Responses to who needs sleep

  1. Kalyn says:

    This photo is so amazingly perfect that I had to comment in two different places.

    I think your dog is a humanoid. No, really.

  2. What a pooch! Darling photo! Blessings…

  3. doforyou says:

    You might be right, K. He’s pretty dang ridiculous.

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