I live to get my butt kicked.

Today, one of my good friends (from back in the high school days) interviewed at my school. I may or may not have skipped the second hour of immunology to talk to her while she waited for her interview.

And so we talked about medical school. And I told her that it’s really hard. Sometimes medical school makes you doubt and cry and hate. It’s the most difficult thing I have ever done… But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

That’s sick, right? I go to school and get my brain assaulted each and every day, but if I won the lotto tomorrow, I guarantee I would be back at school on Monday… or maybe Tuesday.

This is what I have wanted my whole life. I love the challenge. Medical school gives me a reason to (begrudgingly) get out of bed every single morning.

That’s fine. I like challenge. I’m going to be a kick ass Osteopathic Physician. I can deal.

But tonight, I noticed that I might have a problem, and it might be yoga.

I got back into practice over the break, and am really proud of myself for continuing. I go at least five times a week, and I love it. It’s my release from school.

But yoga hurts. And it’s really hard. And it can be frustrating. And it’s the biggest physical challenge I’ve repeatedly subjected my poor little body to. And I love it.

So, there you go. My work is challenging. My leisure is challenging. I’m not happy unless someone is kicking my butt. It’s cool.

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One Response to I live to get my butt kicked.

  1. Go for it! Blessings, Kim…

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