better than the bahamas

We had big plans of heading to the beaches this summer. You see, Jacob and I have never been on a vacation together. I mean, he came to visit Baltimore, and we’ve been to Bonnaroo a few times, and we’ve roadtripped to weddings… but we’ve never ever taken a vacation.

So the plans were brewing. All-inclusive resort somewhere… ok, sure. Maybe some diving. It all sounded good. And then, we had a breakthrough.

On New Years, we found out that DISPATCH – one of our all-time favorite bands in the history of the world – was planning a reunion tour. They would be at the Red Rocks. Suddenly, our vacation plans looked a bit more mountainous.

Tickets went on sale Friday at one. I was in Immunology lab refreshing my screen waiting for the “Buy Now” link to become active. Two tickets. No problem. Then they announced a second night at Red Rocks. After a few frantic text messages and about 30 seconds worth of deliberation, we had two more tickets.

I mean… this was a huge deal! We’ve been waiting to see this band for YEARS. Their music was our lifeblood in high school. When we moved in together and had little more than a bed, a computer and some DVDs, we had the DVD of this concert on constant rotation. And now we get to see them twice? Incredible.

And even though my blood was pumping and excitement was welling, I was in class. I couldn’t say anything about it. And even if I could say something, none of my school friends know this band. They probably think I’m just some weird hippie kid who gets off on weird hippie kid concerts at weird hippie kid venues and uses weird hippie kid soap. It’s cool.

So I got through the rest of my day – it was a rough day… six hours of lecture to make up for our snow day. I went to a kick ass yoga class. I came back to school with great intentions to get my study on. And then I got the email… a third show at Red Rocks, tickets on sale now.

So we went from a 14-hour road trip for one great concert, to a 14-hour road trip for three epic nights of DISPATCH at Red Rocks.

We’re planning to turn this into a week-long Colorado adventure. No real plans. Pack a tent and head out. And have I mentioned that Jacob hasn’t seen the Rockies? I would love to drive through Alamosa and take Jacob to the Great Sand Dunes, head through Colorado Springs to see the Garden of the Gods and drive up Pikes Peak, then spend a few days exploring the parks near Denver. End the trip with three days of beautiful music.

That’s gotta be better than a few days at a resort.

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4 Responses to better than the bahamas

  1. cindy says:

    sounds fantastic. beautiful. fun. love it.

  2. Kalyn says:

    My head just exploded with the awesomness contained in the post.

    Thank you.

  3. Sounds like a great vacation plan. Blessings…

  4. doforyou says:

    Thanks guys! I am excited beyond belief. This trip is a nice shiny light at the end of this semester’s tunnel.

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