med school snow day

Today was a snow day. I can say with complete confidence that med school snow day = motivational black hole.

I did nothing school-related today. Well… I did take Neko to the field between home and school to romp in the snow, but that doesn’t count at all.

But on this beautiful day, I conquered polenta.

It was an epic battle. I’ve had a jar of cornmeal staring me down for months… and today was the day, and this was the recipe.

Polenta and coffee? Completely acceptable snow day lunch.

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3 Responses to med school snow day

  1. Your polenta looks delicious! I think I have a bag of cornmeal that’s been on my self for a while. Maybe I’ll try this. My grandmother used to use polenta that solidified by slicing it and browning it in butter. She served it with syrup. Yummy! Blessings…

    • doforyou says:

      My favorite is to cool it and slice it like you said, and then use it as a base for a really good sauce… like a tomato sauce with lots of sauteed veggies. Delicious! So much tastier than plain old pasta.

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