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Med School, semester 2, started yesterday. I survived day one.

It wasn’t easy, though. By the time I walked home, I felt like a zombie.

This semester, we have neuroanatomy, microbiology, physiology, OMM, clinical skills and epidemiology. Because that just wasn’t enough, I signed up for an elective rural health class. This will be a difficult semester, but at least it will be interesting.

My mom came up last night. This morning, we headed to school at 5am to wait in line for the chance to have a desk at school this semester. My frustration with this process and its necessity is futile, but I sure could put together one humdinger of a rant about it.

Today has been a lost cause. No sleep last night made for easy napping this afternoon. Then yoga and a half-crazed trip to the grocery store. Now, maybe I can sit down and dig into some reading… maybe.

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  1. What an impressive list of classes! Yikes! Blessings…

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