a lot

Today is December 1.

Today we enter into the single digits on our countdown to Holiday Ball. Only 9 days. That means that approximately 217 hours from right now, I will be done with my first semester of medical school. For better or worse, it will be done.

How did we get here? Sixteen weeks? Really?

I’ve forgotten more in the last 16 weeks than I learned in the whole of my previous life. I mean… really. Some days I feel like a straight up failure because I can’t remember the type of fibers carried by the maxillary branch of the trigeminal nerve. Some pieces of information just won’t stick, no matter how hard I try. But when I take a step back, I can appreciate the volume of information I’ve taken, digested and remembered. I can’t think of anything right now… but I know there’s some information in there somewhere.

Today is World AIDS Day. Did you know that 33.3 million individuals are living with HIV worldwide? Two years ago, I would have taken a moment to think about this, and then moved on with my day. This time last year, I was nearly half through my AmeriCorps service year with the National AIDS Fund. My year of service changed my life. Forever and ever, amen. I taught HIV Prevention Education to 7,318 individuals in 143 classes. About 90% of these individuals were high school and middle school students. If one single person took the information I offered and took a moment to pause and reevaluate their risks, or talked to their friend/sister/partner/mother/random person on the street/dog about HIV, or got tested, then my year was a success.

No matter my perceived faults or limitations, I have been successful. I’ve done a whole hell of a lot in the last year and a half of my post-college life.

Last night, in a desperate gchat with one of the people I love, I got the inspiration I needed.

You’re asking for inspiration?
Okay, check this.
You’re the bomb diggity.
You’ve kicked ass and taken names, even though you’re from Oklahoma.
So, it’s gonna go well.

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2 Responses to a lot

  1. cindy says:

    I would like to add…You are my hero.

  2. doforyou says:

    Thanks, dude. Don’t pretend that you aren’t part of my inspiration.

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