homeward bound

This afternoon, I lost my keys. This triggered a series of small tragedies and possibly a mini meltdown, but we’re ok now. We’re headed home.

Days like this make me glad I chose Osteopathic Medicine. OMM lab today was short, but my partner and I stayed late to figure out what was going on with her back. Type I dysfunction. Generally jacked up. But 30 minutes and a couple new techniques later, she was good as new. OMM is great, whatever… The point is, our professor was willing to show us how to fix a dysfunction, and happy to help when I reached the end of my knowledge. Not just happy, but damned excited that we wanted to know how to fix something.

And now I can go home for 48 hours, enjoy some bomb food and wow my family with my mad OMM skills… or something like that.

Small triumphs make this journey a little more bearable.

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One Response to homeward bound

  1. I’m glad the meltdown was caught in time. Ha! Your prof has a heart, doesn’t he? Blessings on your holiday trip and time with your family and friends…

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