the same

As a medical student, I tend to believe that I am something like a grown up. I mean, I have a car, and a dog, and I pay bills. Totally a grown up. There are times, though, when I realize that med students aren’t so different from small children.

So I’ve started a list to explain these similarities… in no particular order. I’m sure I will expand these later.

  1. I cry. Sometimes for no reason, and sometimes in public. This is new for me.
  2. I rely heavily on the people around me. Mom? I don’t know how to do laundry any more. Jacob? My keys just walked away. Will someone please bring me lunch because I’m unable to feed myself?
  3. I am dependent of free food. This relates heavily to point #2.
  4. I make sounds just to make sure I still can. You never know when these skills will leave you, and sometimes I just need to hear myself talk.
  5. I get fussy when I’m tired (and I’m tired all the time). I’ve been known to throw a fit when someone stands between me and my bed.
  6. I throw fits. Who am I? Why can’t I just “muck up” and deal with my problems? Because I’ve lost my grip on reality and sometimes it feels better to collapse on the floor than to deal with my problems.
  7. I make excuses. I would love to fold those clothes, but I’ll be wearing them tomorrow. I would love to go to the grocery store, but I have to study. I would love to be a normal person, but I’m a med student.
  8. I don’t know how to dress myself.
  9. From time to time, I have to be convinced to shower. Thankfully, I have Jacob in my life to help out. This is definitely a throwback to my childhood.
  10. I have trouble sitting still. Four hours of lecture? You must be joking.
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