exhibit a

I’ve been asked why I chose medical school. I have a stockpile of answers… I want to help people, I love to learn, destiny, fate, karma.

And so I would like to present one piece of evidence to support my decision… I couldn’t get into art school.

Hypothalamohypophyseal portal system? You’re mine.

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3 Responses to exhibit a

  1. Ha! You’re funny. You could have become a comedian without studying anything. Blessings…

  2. cindy says:

    that was one thing I always like about studying bio…drawing the pictures. there are always fun things to draw, and label, I do enjoy the labeling too. if only I had our other fly-labmate’s perfect handwriting to go with it.

    • doforyou says:

      I agree. I definitely have some doctor handwriting going on. Studying is just so much better when I can convince myself that it’s just coloring.

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