just right

A year ago, I received my letter of acceptance from this medical school.

Years of preparation, MCAT, applications, too many essays to count, approximately three breakdowns, endless tears and practically begging on my hands and knees in a $300 suit, I finally got in.

Best day of my life.

It seems like that day happened years ago. Is it possible that I finished AmeriCorps service only four months ago? Have I really only been in school for eleven weeks?

In this short time, I’ve grown to love and hate this building. I spend about 14 hours here each day. I have cried here. I have felt more inadequate here than ever before. But I’ve also made friends here. I’ve already forgotten more here than I learned in the whole of undergrad.

And sometimes, when the light hits the building just right, I feel like it’s going to be just fine.

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