thanks, wikipedia.

So… a funny thing happens in medical school.

For the first time in your whole life, you’re surrounded by people who are just as crazy, dedicated and neurotic as you are. You become sleep deprived, caffeine addicted and completely dependent on free food. You lose the ability to dress yourself in anything but scrubs.

We’re freaks. Straight up. About 93% of us realize it. The rest are living a lie.

And suddenly, weird thing become really funny. In an inexplicable, I’m going to cry but no one outside of this building will get it kind of way.


We had an interactive review in histology today… AKA death by histo. Basically, the prof throws slides on the screen and calls you out in hopes that you know everything about the blue/pink/green/is that a monkey/brown slide. It’s pretty terrifying, but probably one of the most entertaining things that goes on this semester.

So, did you know that there’s a substance called brain sand? It’s real, and it’s living in your pineal gland right now. During the interactive review, the prof asked someone to ID brain sand on the slide. Then he asked for another name, because everything in the body has to have 74 names. Easy… you can call it corpora arenacea. And then he asked for another name. Stump the students kind of thing. No one knew.

After class I decided to be a responsible medical student and look up that third name for brain sand… just in case it rears its ugly head on Monday’s exam. Yes, I use Wikipedia. I’m sorry. It basically taught me organic chemistry, ok? Anyway, Wikipedia made my day with the top option. What’s a brain sandwich, and why is that your top hit?

By the way, if I see “acervuli” on the test, I’ll know it’s brain sand… or a brain sandwich… or something like that.

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One Response to thanks, wikipedia.

  1. My grandfather used to serve pork brain with egg for breakfast. Very good along with Kielbasa. I cleaned them myself a few times before cooking them. Brain sand? I probably washed it away before cooking. Brain sandwich? Nah. It wouldn’t be good that way.

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