Once upon a time, I was an awkward college student. Not much has changed, but now I wear scrubs.

Anyway, one day I went into the computer lab at school, plugged my headphones into the back of the computer and proceeded to jam out to some Bon Iver. The usual… except something wasn’t quite right. The sound was really foggy. I turned up the volume a couple notches, but no change. I thought that my headphones were shot… I mean, I had dropped them into a coffee cup earlier that day.

I kept fiddling with the volume for a while longer, turning it all the way up… still terrible sound quality.

That’s when it hit me… the sound wasn’t coming out of my headphones, it was coming out of the computer speakers. I’d plugged my headphones into the wrong hole.

I immediately muted the song, tried to play it off, typed for a few minutes, and then calmly left the room as if nothing had happened… but the row of athletes behind me were still singing the song I had been playing.

To this day, any time I listen to music on my headphones – pretty much every day – I check several times to make sure that the sound I hear is actually coming out of my head phones. Obsessive compulsive much?

Now that I have that off my chest, I can go back to work.


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2 Responses to noisy

  1. Ha! I like it that you didn’t explain. My late husband used to say, “Don’t complain and don’t explain.” Blessings to you…

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