one cup at a time

Today was a rough one.

Started with a 3:30 am trip to the drugstore. Thank goodness for 24-hour Walgreens, man. J may just survive this stomach bug.

By the time I got home, staying up to study made more sense than going back to sleep. Shower, coffee, clothes.

Exam at 10. Brutal. The apathy caught up with me… by question 28, I knew I was screwed.

Home by 11:30 for a quick nap. By then, my body thought it was afternoon… so convincing it otherwise was fruitless.

Back to school for 12:00 anatomy lab. Spent 20 minutes explaining hysterectomies to one of my lab partners. Really enthralling stuff.

Home, groceries, nap again, dinner, study.

And that’s where I am. Exhausted, frustrated, studying.

In undergrad, my physics professor once told us that when we are stumped by a problem, we should make a cup of tea, and then give it another go.

Still, some of the best advice I’ve received.

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